Everything is just about done, at least what I need to run this beast at Muscoda. Hopefully out for a test run this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed for no issues. Now i am going through the whole thing changing bolts and added lock nuts. Needs some paint in a few places also.



20150726 210340            20150728 062824


Very Spartan dash as not much time for additions. Really wanted a radio, tiny tach, maybe oil pressure. That stuff can wait for a bit yet. I would like to get some running lights installed on the front.

20150728 062747          20150728 062836

My custom made exhaust, muffler and all. Could be a bit quieter but it's ok.

20150724 064007          20150724 063958


This needs to be placed on the back in front of the engine, thought it would be a nice addition and add some protection against flying debris.

20150728 062929

Here is the 72" prop I carved to spin on this critter. I really fought with getting it balanced enough to run with the light weight drive setup. In the end I added some supports and another upright to the stand since it shook to much. Now it spins up pretty smooth!

20150728 062950

Spent some time today getting a few things done. Painted the floor for one. Got the boards installed on the back and painted hull numbers on. Did a number of smaller projects also but those are boring and not noticeable :-)

20150801 205603

20150801 205620

Tomorrow I will build a light weight pallet type structure for the fuel tank and battery to sit on. No, the fuel tank is not the spaghetti sauce jar!!!

20150801 205644




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