My craft is powered by a 30hp B & S V-twin, it has a variator for the lift fan, a boat trim tab electric actuator for the trim wing and is equipped with all regulation required pleasure craft lighting for night time operation.

The only dimensional variation from the original UH plans was to widen the cockpit by 8" at the passenger seat area.  I added a foam / fiberglass / plywood light-weight engine cover and my own custom design external braces for the thrust duct.

 20151231 143407 20151231 143503

Of course the paint scheme is "winter camo" ....actually will be adding some graphics shortly.  Here's a You Tube video of my first time out and before the final paint: Uh-14P First Test on Grass



I have a 3D CADD model of this craft and from it I have produced dozens of fabrication details and illustrative graphics which where very beneficial to my build.  Below is an example of some of the graphics which where produced from the 3D model.

 eng mount assembsolid wood framing 04

Anyone having problems with understanding the UH plans for this craft please feel free to contact me ....I will try to help.



# Gone7 2016-01-05 12:20
It's looking great Bill...Nice job! I really like how your windshield turned out too. I enjoyed the video as well. Looks like you've mowed your own "hover-course" in the backyard. :lol: Awesome!!
# bilco5 2016-01-05 13:31
Thanks Guy ...yes as we know these craft have difficulty with long grass so had to get the mower out for a couple hours and make a "hover-course" horses not so happy about me cutting down their summer source of food ...ha, ha.
# Kelley 2016-02-02 08:35
Very Nice build!
# lazza 2016-05-02 15:33
Hi Bill, love the craft it looks great. How did you get all the dimensions for the 3D model, I have wanted to do a model in X-Plane as I have a UH18SPW but have not proceeded as it would take a long time.
# bilco5 2016-05-02 17:41
Thanks Lazza .....the only documents I had to build the 3D model where the three drawings produced by Bob Windt (Universal Hovercraft) a way back in 2002. Mr. Windt's drawings are what we refer to in the engineering industry as General Arrangement drawings ....they are not intended to detail every component, arriving at dimensions and details of each item is up to the user no matter if it is a 3D model or the actual physical craft. So to come up with all the many many details and dimensions of each component for my 3D model I interpreted and interpolated the general arrangement drawings exactly the same as if I was out working in my shop on the actual craft. I must admit I did actually scale the drawing where I had to (in engineering that's a "no no") but whatever works. I spent several weeks of evenings creating the 3D model .....was well worth it because it allowed me to work out all details and dimensions of each component and ensure all those pieces fit together before I sawed a single piece of wood.

Has your UH18SPW been airborne yet? .....if so would love a link to the videos.
# lazza 2016-05-03 03:33
I wish I had. I have only used it as a hovercraft. The build from Universal was far from ideal and the engine blew up last December. All the mechanics in the craft have been replaced and I am close to getting it back in the water. My goal is to fly some time this year.

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