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Well it has been a while since I last posted anything, but this is a big moment in Eureka Two's creation.  Last Sunday was the big day.  For me it started early at 0730 hours and the "Reinforcements" arrived at lunch time.  We had prepared a B B Q in the back garden and things went very well.  The ladies kept the men supplied with soft drinks and refreshments as well as the food.  All went down well. The weather was as forecast, a hot sunny day, in fact the hottest June day since 1970 something, which seemed a good omen.  I started off by dismantling the makeshift bench in order to unblock the garage doorway and then positioned the trailer adjacent to the opening.  I couldn't adjust the craft as the workshop was too small. As it was she would have to emerge very slowly and execute a slight wiggle to clear some immoveable objects.  

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Not only was the alignment a problem, but great care had to be taken to not hit the roof with either the Flashing Yellow Light or the elevators.  By 1130, the reinforcements had arrived and everything was ready for the big Heave Ho!  It was planned to winch the craft up onto the trailer, using a sheet of heavy gauge plywood as a bridging piece To achieve this, the trailer was first jacked up and the bridging board was laid down. It was here that the winch on the front of the trailer came into its own. After a quick lunch break it was back for some hard graft and much winding of the handle.  All started off OK. The cable slowly wound in on the drum as the handle persuaded her up onto the trailer.  Everything was going to plan so far. Then for some strange reason the craft jammed tight and wouldn't move. In desperation, excessive force was applied to the winding handle until with a sharp crack, the cable actually snapped, and I mean snapped.  It came whizzing back at me on the winch as I ducked out of the way and went swishing over my shoulder.  The craft sat teetering on the ramp.  I couldn't believe it as the cable was rated with a one ton breaking strain. Never mind. The cable was wound back slightly off the drum to enable the frayed end to be cut off and new copper swageing sleeves to be crimped back onto the hook.  Again the strain was taken up but still the craft wouldn't budge, so with two personnel at the rear using 4 x 4 inch batons assistance was applied from the rear. She moved and though the winch was taking up a lot of strain, she slowly crept up the ramp.  Why didn't we fly her up ....... quite simply the engine is still not up and running, but more of that when I open a new chapter on Aftermarket ECU's.  I have been unable to find the correct wiring diagram for my ECU Engine combination after some eight years of searching, so I have had to fit an Aftermarket one.  This is still ongoing, hence the lack of engine power!  After a while, the craft had to be aligned on the trailer as she slowly crept along its length.  By this time we had inserted four 3" aluminium rollers, which rode along the lower skirt attachment rail.  Things now proceed at a good pace until the FYL  touched the ceiling.  Easiest answer was to simply remove it!  Which was quickly done.  The next problem was the elevator horn, which was built to U H plans and resembles the fin of an Orca whale. Much jacking up of the trailer, allowed this offending part to clear the roof leaving everything now clear for the final pull.  Again the craft had to be re-aligned with the trailer, but we were certainly getting there.  Eventually she fully emerged from her cocoon and was installed upon the trailer.  What a relief!   It was at this point that two rubber pads were found on the floor.  As soon as I saw them I knew where they were from ...... I had used six rubber pads glued to the bottom of the six skid blocks under the craft to stop her sliding around on the trailer and also to cushion the wooden pads against wear.  U H recommend  using aluminium, but I know better ...... or do I?  Anyway, that is what must have caused the craft to jam on the ramp as the rubber pads caught up on something.  All I have to do now is replace them ....... somehow!  I was most impressed with the towing hook that I had built into in the nose of the craft.  It had certainly withstood one hell of a lot of punishment during the course of the day and I had been more than a little worried that it might have pulled out of the craft, but fortunately it wasn't.  Once up on the trailer it was no problem to position it at the front of the drive where she remains at the moment.  I am still working on the engine installing the Megasquirt system, off which more later, but the main thing is she is now out of the workshop!  It was all over by 19.30 hours that evening and for me one hell of a long hot slog.


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# eccinoz 2017-06-22 17:35
# Pete 2017-06-23 12:17
Hi Eccles - Well like the logo? It's been quite a while since you sent me that Eureka badge. I said that I would design a logo around it for the craft, well here it is.
# eccinoz 2017-06-23 19:57
Hi Pete, I love the whole thing! It's an absolute credit to you. I do like the tinted windows & edging is very clever. Yes! The flag brought a smile to my face..I was wondering how / if, you'd use it. They look great together....... . On a personal note I have had my SEVTEC Surveyor hulled / Prospector Topsides 1.3 litre Suzuki powered hover floating around my yard ( no prop. yet ). She can lift 6 people & 2 bags of concrete "No worries "...check her out, very rough appearance, on youtube, "Aussie Sevtec " All the best.
# Pete 2017-07-01 13:06
Hi Eccles

I looked up you Surveyor and she looks great too. How come the No Prop yet? I have still got to get my engine started. The aftermarket ECU is now wired up and just about ready to run. Found that the reconditioned starter motor that I bought a few months back has the wrong pinion fitted to it. It should have between 12 and 14 teeth, whilst mine has ten. It sort of meshes, but the teeth are fretting and it gives a slow turn over! You can't make it up can you!
# eccinoz 2017-07-02 08:55
Still carving the,,2nd prop...First one a good first try but not happy with it, so.....
Love the flags. Is that a program or the local sticker shop? regards.
# Pete 2017-07-03 14:32
I looked up the Eureka flag and found a fluttering one, similarly with the Jack. I the mixed them together and added the poles. Next I needed a Phoenix, so I surfed around until I found something that I liked and added it beneath the crossed flags. Found a little fire too and added that. Believe or not, the hardest part was sourcing someone to print it out for me onto some white Vinyl, but after some protracted enquires found a chap not too far away who printed it for £30:00 the pair. I should have with hindsight made the Phoenix a shade or two lighter, more golden, but never mind. It's done now. The real reason for the logo was to cover up a crumpled area of Vinyl. The Vinyl should be laid lengthways, but I found it too difficult to do over such an area. It was at this point, having started from the bow, that the wrinkle occurred on the port side. I had a hell of a job to remove the effected piece, but left some bits behind. I spent months thinking about how to cover up the damaged area, and then hit upon the logo / badge whatever you wish to call it. I measured up the damaged area which was 16 x 12 inches and got the logo printed to cover the damaged portion. If you catch the light reflection in the right place, it is vaguely visible, but only under close scrutiny. I also cocked up the logo port side when I was applying it. Having applied the vinyl to the whole craft about two years ago, I forgot to use my home made rubber edged spatula, hence that logo that side is also slightly wrinkled. So that's the story, warts and all as we say over here!
# Pete 2017-07-03 14:37
Sorry Eccles, forgot to mention your prop carving. How is it coming on and what was the problem with the first one? I chickened out at just the thought of making one so I bought a rough finish one from UH. That way it is the correct size and pitch for the craft / engine combination. I am glad that I did as I have had so many other problems to contend with.
# eccinoz 2017-07-04 18:43
Pete, took a bit too much out of hub. Probably OK but leaving a bit more this time. Just being careful I guess. A knee Op. has prevented me standing for prolonged periods for a few months. A second one to be reviewed on Friday. Wearing out! All those years of climbing & jumping off Aircraft Refueling Tankers finally paying off. :lol:
# Pete 2017-07-05 02:06
Yeah, I know the feeling. Too many jet engines with their screeching turbines ruined my ears. Pretty well stone deaf now. Wassat? Whadya say? At least the old peepers are still good with assistance of Varifocal lenses. Better than pushing up the daises though any day. LOL

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