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Pzaaaz #1.

OK so you have built your craft and probably feeling more than a little pleased with, but hey!  How about going an extra yard and give it that exclusive millionaire look?  The look that says this craft's worth more than a million dollars.  Well with a little bit of work and some ingenuity it can easily be obtained.  I decided to add window tinting to all of my windows.  It is relatively easy to do and should be no sweat to accomplish if you have built your own craft.  So how did I go about it?  Well it took a while for me to find what I wanted.  All but one of the tinting materials that I found was for internal application only.  After some searching I found ONE that was designed to be applied from the outside.  My concern about exterior fitting arose from my experience with the material I had used to glaze the side screens.  It is extremely sensitive to UV light and deteriorated over time until it turned slightly milky and crazed over,  like some of the older car windows used to.  It then had no strength and would disintegrate into thousands of fragments.  My reasoning is if you reduce the UV light reaching the window, then you are extending its life.  My experience of some exposed offcuts being exposed directly to sunlight showed up its limitations, and it took a lot of thought as to how the life of my side screens could be extended.  My other apprehension was that I had flush fitted all the windows and to replace them would now inflict considerable damage the craft physically, and certainly spoil its appearance.  Having found a supplier a small offcut was purchased and experiments were made on some spare pieces of glazing that had been lodged in more shaded parts of the workshop unaffected by the sunlight. The application of the material is quite straight forward and easily accomplished using a home made squeegee.  This is used to press all of the air and excess water from under the plastic layer.   I first thoroughly cleaned all of the windows and dried them. The I applied a copious quantity of soapy water and the laid the tinting film on it. Using the squeegee, simply press all of the water from under the tinting film and that is it.  When dry I then trimmed it down to the correct size with a craft knife.  

000 Pre Pzaazz nt  001 Post Pzazz tn




Pzaaaz #2.

Ok so you now have a nice set of tinted windows fitted to your craft, what can be done to further enhance it?  Well looking at some of the more modern vehicles on the road, a lot of them have had a shadow or shaded area added, so I decided to see how similar treatment would look on my craft.  I toured around several different firms that printed onto Vinyl, but because of the size of the windows and the quantity of Vinyl involved, the price was prohibitive.  So ingenuity once more came to the fore and I experimented with strips of black Vinyal cutting them to the shapes required and the overall appearance came proved to be quite acceptable.  There was also an ulterior motive in fitting this material, and that was to better mask the join between the fibre glass bodywork and the flush fitting glazing.  Pleased with the preliminary trials, I the bought sufficient to "Shadow" all of the windows.  Patterns were made from some stiff paper and were transferred to the back of the Vinyl sheet. It should be noted that as you are working from the back of the sheet, that is the sticky side, you will need to reverse your pattern, otherwise when cut out, the sticky side is uppermost and not where required.  It took a few days to accomplish all of this but in the long run I feel was really worth doing.


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012 Pzazz tn


011 Pzazz tn copy



# eccinoz 2017-06-23 19:46
8) 8)
# lazza 2017-07-01 03:55
I like the lines, it looks great
# Pete 2017-07-01 12:59
Cheers Lazza. It was a lot of hard work over a very long time. Thank you.

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