Restoring a 19' Weber Star Cruiser. What engine coupler to use on my 1.0 geo engine? 



Author / Member : buck0123


Well I drove to Minnesota to pick up my new engine for my hover on Tuesday. Gerry aka Beekeeper had decided to put a different engine in the Yellow Jacket. Seeing as I was going to run the same engine Gerry made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So Echo (my dog and copilot) and me took a trip. I now have a engine ready to go along with some crucial drive components like the everflex coupler, SS lower shaft, pillow blocks, lower pulley, upper pulley and belt. Also a 12 gal fuel tank with the Geo fuel  pump already installed. Thanks Gerry! So today (Wednesday) I finished putting the wood stove in the garage. That works well, too well actually. Whew, working in shorts from now on I think.

Today (Thursday) I started work on the hover again. I am going backwards before going forward though. I had planned on running two 6 gal. tanks up under the dash on both sides. I wasn't crazy about that but I already had the tanks. Well with Gerry's new tank I had to make some adjustments. I cut out a spot under the seats to put it. It will now sit just a little aft of center. So hopefully that works. With two people it will still put their weight in front of the tank. The Yellow Jacket engine sure does look nice, really a load off my mind knowing I don't have to tackle the wiring harness for the EFI. If you know someone that needs a GEO 1.0 ,let me know I got one for sale. Now I got to go get some supplies to keep working, some updates soon.

Jake W.

Author / Member : hoverwest

  I am thinking about upgrading my 4 blade UH lift fan. What do yall recommend? I've heard good about the Hascon fans from Slipstream. Also UH sells a Multiwing. Which is better? Both companies will make the exact size I need which I will need because I had to sand down my 26" a little bit to fit. Any thoughts?  Daniel Classen

Author / Member : daniel

Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy fall for me. Lots to do at work and with the kids going back to school and the shorter days ,plus bowhunting and weekends at the cabin fourwheeling,not much gets done. I can't complain, it's all fun in it's own way. So now the cold Wisconsin winds are blowing and work is grinding down, I can start to work again. As I write this I have only tomorrow to go and then I start my winter layoff. Two months of time to devote to my hovercraft. Yea right! Sadly winter is not the greatest time to work outside in the garage unless you have some heat source. Now my garage is all insulated and in the past I have used a kerosene heater to get it comfortable. This year I plan on putting in a wood stove, I have it in the garage now ,but I need to wait for some pipe yet. A contractor I know has some insulated stainless chimney pipe he took off a project a couple years ago. I'm waiting for him to get back to me with a price. He said cheap, I wonder what his version of cheap is. So if it all pans out I could have a toasty workplace for a couple months. I have some other irons in the fire also, if that works out it could get me ahead of schedule on the hover. So for right now I want to get the body finished up. All sanded out and glassed. So much off that piddly work to do. So hopefully I can start putting up some progress pics soon. This first week I got a lot of loose ends to tie up, but after that the sky's the limit.

See ya later,

Jake W.

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My latest addition to the line of beachcraft! I still need to get my hull numbers and reinstall my ever-flex again- I broke the first one by over tightening the coupler.  $200 bucks of "hurts donuts" not quite sure why it broke-- I have asked for specs on torquing the bolts---hopefully this wont happen again!

Author / Member : hovernut

I'm rebuilding a 1984 12.5' x 7.5' OFO it was on the cover of the Hovernews in
1984. My question is how much pressure does it take to lift the craft which
weights 1150 lb. fully loaded with me in it. I have a 12 Hp. up front with a
24" 4 blade wooden fan and a 3 Cyl. Metro in the back with a 36" 6 blade
fan. It has around 9,185 square inchs on the bottom and should take .125 PSI to
lift the craft.I made the skirt which is 16" dia. The craft goes on hover at
just above Idle, but will it be enough to keep it up when going down the river?
I'm installing a pressure gauge to keep track of the pressure.

If any one has any suggestions about anything I might do to improve my odds of having a successful launch please fill free to e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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 hi everyone

im gathering parts and foam for my build, i took Terry's advice and bought a J/D variator from E-bay.

i have read and reread every build on here and i must say you guys have some awesome machines!

im looking forward to starting my project in the next week or so, i just hope it will turn out half as good as the machines on here :)

as far as my engine im not fond of a vertical shaft engine so i have opted for a side shaft honda vee twin if this is a mistake please let me know

will keep you posted on progress


Author / Member : Bladerunner
I have been sneaking this site since some time ago, trying to get the essence of the building experience that some members pleasantly share. Despite being a first time builder, I soon realise that the original plans are being somehow updated, not to say improved, by some very capable members of this community. Now that my UH plans finally arrived in Maputo - Mozambique, it's time to sort out the options and start building for the next summer. ( Although winter here is like summer in some parts of Canada... )
Author / Member : Bladerunner

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