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Corsair hovercraft manufactured by Air Cushion Technologies. Corsair air only made 3 Craft of this model 2 for the U.S  military and 1 for Bud Locicero located in South West Florida. New this craft sold for $200,000.

   The craft was plagued with issues biggest problem was replacing carbon fiber propeller every 60 to 80 hours of service, Engine and mechanical problems so many that Bud purchased a boat so they could rescue the passengers from the disabled craft . Then later return and tow the hovercraft back to port. Craft was powered by a Chevy 454 for thrust and Buick V6 for lift. The early 1990s craft sold for $2,000 and was shipped to the Florida keys and used as advertisement for water craft rentals never to be flown again.


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# Gone7 2017-03-07 09:42
Nice write-up on the Corsair Dennis. Thanks! Looks like they used a lot of aluminum on this thing, and I'm guessing fiberglass. Maybe composite construction wasn't so well known at the time.

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