Hi I'm Jason.

I got No tools, No skills, and No idea what I'm doing =)

That said I bought a broken hovercraft to work on as a project, during this I hope to develop the skills, knowledge, and tool shed necessary to then build my own from scratch.

So forgive the dumb questions please, I've been sifting around this site for awhile now and have already learned loads :)

Left side is in ok condition although have taken front corner off to make a pattern for left corner. Left hand side and front will be replaced/patched also repainted inside.


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# Gone7 2015-11-16 19:23
Did this come with any of the drive components: motor, fan, etc? Is that a radiator way up in front of the craft? I hope it didn't cost too much. ;-)
Twin Fan
# Twin Fan 2015-11-17 09:13
If you look at my build in the builders corner "Twin Fans" you will see I went through the process of bringing an old craft back to life. I would highly recommend that you take the duct off of this one and scrap the rest. Get a set of plans from UH and build your own. It took me a 10th of the time just to build one from scratch. It was way cheaper too.
# Jayson 2015-11-17 18:44
Gone yup thats a radiator, Came with a big sheet of marine ply but that was it. has engine mount in it for a vw/subaru
Was very cheap $50 which is less than the plys worth.

Twin Fans I saw yours you did an awesome job, I got this more to practice and gain skills. The current plan is to practice on this then build something when i have a bit more confidence.
# Gone7 2015-11-18 08:22
Twin Fan knows what he's talking about and I agree with him. Personally I don't see this "building" any confidence for you but it may actually do the opposite. Money and time spent with the expectation of making something like this function could be quite frustrating. I have experience and I don't think I'd want to deal with this project. You'll probably need to use a finger-skirt on this and that in itself is fairly complicated, especially for a new builder. You'd most likely need to buy one pre-made and that wouldn't be cheap. I kinda doubt that it used a VW or Subaru engine. Those would most likely be WAY overweight for this model. I'd guess it probably started out with a high revving rotax or snow machine motor. Like Twin Fan suggested: I'd strip off the useful parts and use them on a new project.

I think your time and money would be much better applied to a fresh build using either Universal or Sevtec plans. If you have even the most basic woodworking skills I'm confident that you can make it work. And, in the end I think you'd have a craft that will perform much better.

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