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Just in SevZilla the monster the myth the Legend? I don't think we will ever know late yesterday SevZilla was tragically struck and KILLED in a freak accident. A 90 year old oak tree was dancing in the wind and lost it's balance and toppled over and fell on top of him. Eyewitnesses report crackling noises could be heard a block away then a thud like sound and then silence. The 911 call went out. The emergency response team after they arrived on scene they deployed chainsaw of life. After many hours trying to save SevZilla he had succumb to his injuries. Autopsy of the 90 year old oak tree shows alcohol was not involved but termites were.


# Gone7 2017-08-08 09:46
This is like a very sad ending to a movie I've been watching for a really long sad! Must be horrible for you. I'm amazed that you could deliver such news with a sense of humor. I'm so sorry to hear about this.

Any ideas of what you'll do next? Rebuild? You have lots more experience now. ;-)

# SEVZILLA 2017-08-08 11:18
I think a mix of Explorer / Mariner 1 3/8'' floor DIAB foam. No core cell foam this time price 2x that of Diab.

All foam no wood Sevtec no longer uses wood in their craft foam with hard points. Explorer with twin 84'' props (2) 34'' lift fans with (1) Ls2 GM engine.
Hull around 26'x12 all vacuum infused panels/ I learned a lot on Sevzilla. Just thinking out loud for now.
# SEVZILLA 2017-08-08 11:23
Guy is your craft done? I don't see any updates.
# Gone7 2017-08-09 17:25
Very nice! It's great to hear that you'll continue with another project. I finally tried some of the Diab material and I found it really nice compared to Last-A-Foam. The Diab is quite flexible and doesn't have all the dust particles that LAF has.

Naaa...still working on my Explorer craft. Just been having too many different projects happening lately. It's super close and I have high hopes of getting it going soon though. One (sorta) setback is because I actually began yet another craft project, a Prospector. I still need to post some articles on this project too. Just been too busy! I'm getting really anxious to get out on the water though so something has to get finished soon. ;)

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