I finally have some down time to update my progress on the uh 13 that I got this spring.  It was usable but needed some repairs and improvements.

The rudders, thrust duct, side panels, prop, dash, and elevator were damaged.  There were holes in the skirt and the lift fan need repairs.  When I cleaned it out and hosed down the craft I found some very soft spot between the engine mounts and the front of the craft. 


IMG 4517

Pink Styrofoam does hold water.. and appears alot of it for a long time..  I had to cut out the rotten section of foam and wood and replace it.  Rebuilt the rudders, cut out the bad sections of wood and fiberglass on the inside of the duct and cut off the fiberglass sections on the out side the bubbled.  


IMG 4447

I took off the old fiberglass and tore out the wet foam and damaged wood.  I made a hatch at the front for rope storage etc and ran a plastic hose from the cockpit to the hatch so I could add running lights to the front.

IMG 4459


IMG 4541

I used 1/2inch plasticore to reinforce the sides and bottom.  I then built a box of plasticore and placed it in the front nose section to make a strong anchor point for the front tow hook.  Applied several lawyers of glass cloth and epoxy.  


IMG 4555

IMG 4601


Now built a new dash that will have gauges, glove box .

IMG 4659

IMG 4661


Now some work on the damaged prop and lift fan.  I filled the damaged areas with epoxy and glassed over the whole prop.

IMG 4674

IMG 4686

Now repair the lift fan.

IMG 4682


I sanded the prop and lift fan, primmed then checked balance and they turned out very good.

I wanted to add hold down points on the sides of the craft both forward and aft.  They would be used to anchor the craft to the trailer, and to a dock if need be. 

The hull was already finished so I cut an opening in the wood deck, cut out and section of foam to place a 2x4 in as an anchor point.  I covered the wood in epoxy and filled the whole with epoxy then placed the block in the whole.  Added more epoxy around it and added many layers of glass to bring the height up to the deck.  Sanded it smooth and pre drilled  pilot holes for the boat chocks.

IMG 4688

 IMG 4692





IMG 4559

Here are some of the damaged areas I filled and glassed.  Many hours of sanding and filling to get them smooth with no lips.


Here are the new rudders.  I pulled off the old fiberglass.. filled the holes and added solid wood pieces to the bottom with threaded inserts.  This will make attaching control rods easier.

IMG 4538


I flipped the craft on it side and repaired the damage to the underside foam.  There was no underside mounts for the deck motor mount so I inserted that into the foam and glassed it in.  I then added a lawyer of glass and epoxy to the underside to give it some strength and protection.  

I used the following product and primer.  It is much cheaper than boat primer as a special primer is needed to adhere to epoxy.  Low or no order and covers very nice.

IMG 4513 1


The work will continue when I get home from my few months off in Mexico.  I plan to have the craft running by spring as long as nothing else comes up that takes priority.


Well I have some more work done .. the dash section with the carbon fibre vinyl, gauges and the windshield trial fit. 


IMG 0632 1

IMG 0662

IMG 0667

IMG 0668IMG 0680










# greenwae 2016-03-01 12:27
Looks good! I like the counsel setup.
# razataz327 2016-03-05 23:17
Hi thanks greewae. I will have a analog tac, gps speedometer, fuel gauge and oil pressure.
I am home from my little holiday. Spent the day with Bill balancing my lift fan. Thanks Bill it only took us a couple of hours.
My work and pictures on the way.
# razataz327 2016-04-23 09:54
I just added a few pictures of the dash and windshield..

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